Purgyal was derived from the ancient history of Tibet, which came into existance after the enthronment of Nyatri Tsenpo, the first king of Tibet in 127 B.C. Then onwards, the Purgyal Dynasty ruled Tibet for many centuries.

In 10th century, when Atisha, a great Indian master visited Tibet, generals who accompanied him sang the song of welcome, "Here in the country of Purgyal (Tibet) there is no scorching heat, and everywhere there are sparkling fountains and pellucid streams. In winter the climate of Tibet is not regorous. In the sheltered side of the mountains of Tibet there is generally warmth, which makes this country delightful in winter. In the spring season here people hardly suffer from any scarcity of food, and the five kinds of grain are cultivated for a harvest of plenty. In autumn the country becomes a mass of emerald by the abundance of vegetation in the fields, as well as in the hills and dales." 

This blog is dedicated to all the great Tsenpos (Kings) and the great masters of Tibet, who worked tirelessly to create an identity of Tibet. As a gesture of our gratitude, this blog is named as Purgyal Forum, so to cultivate the richness and diverse issues of contemporary Tibet, which we are involved. This forum aims to create a platform for all the young Tibetans to share their thoughts and views on Tibet, specifically on socio-cultural-political issues.

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