Monday, August 25, 2014


The forum on the development of Tibet is held
in Lhasa on 12 August 2014. (Xinhua/Liu Kun)
By Tenzin Lekshay

Series of programs and activities are happening these days in Lhasa under the initiative of PRC government to present and promote Tibet as a sanctuary of Peace and Harmony. After the recently concluded "2014 Forum on the Development of Tibet, China," the Lhasa Consensus was adopted. PRC sympathizers like N. Ram and others were invited to speak in favour of PRC's policies inside Tibet, slammed His Holiness the Dalai Lama and espoused the Lhasa Consensus. For them, it was a usual business of patronizing PRC and a red carpet picnicking in Lhasa. China feels that they shove their propaganda to the new height by letting foreigners to judge what is happening inside Tibet. Is propaganda really necessary if China really works in favour of Tibet? Will this helps China to tighten their iron grip over Tibet? Will China open Tibet to all the foreigners and Medias?  And above all, who should really decide the fate of Tibet, PRC; Foreigners; and Tibetans? With such questions, the credibility of Lhasa Consensus needs to check whether they have done justice to Tibet or else merely fulfill the objectivity of Chinese propaganda.