Friday, August 23, 2013

Can India Provide Balanced Multipolarity in Southeast and East Asia? (AUDIO)

By Tenzin Lekshay

Maj Gen. Vinod Saighal (retd.)
On the humid evening of 21 August 2013, Major General (retd.) Vinod Saighal gave a detailed and insightful lecture on "Can India Provide Balanced Multipolarity in Southeast and East Asia?" at the Annexe Lecture Hall of India International Centre, Delhi.

As usual, the audience were mixed baggage of different professional background, which include over a dozen of foreign diplomats with few ambassadors, ranks of serving army personals, experts and some young educated Tibetans who are notably interested on that issue. As I wrote in the beginning, though Delhi weather was bit humid, the speaker makes every one attentive to this burning topic.

To layout the talk in a nutshell, he spoke about the progress of China in 3 ways i.e. 1) Implosion Model, 2) Expansion Model and 3) Dynamic Expansion Model. Later, he focussed his main talk on the basis of 4 components that are categorized into 1) China Factor, 2) ASEAN, 3) India and 4) Environmental Factor. While speaking on China, he stressed that there is a lack of governance legitimacy in China.

In his stand alone talk, he raised Tibet issue many times with concerns to environmental degradation, militarization, resource exploitation, damming, and border disputes.

The talk was jointly organized annually by Eco Monitor Society and Tibetan Parliamentary and Policy Research Centre, Delhi.

For listening the full talk (94.17MB), Click here
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