Tuesday, November 15, 2011

‘Wondering’ Souls: Reflections on Gendun Chophel and Dhondup Gyal

By Tenzin Nyinjey

The life of a people lies in its history, culture, literature, religion and the arts. These are taught in Tibetan schools in India. Unfortunately, not much progress has been made as far as Tibetan students’ interest in them is concerned. Part of the blame lies in our inability to teach students in a manner that can stimulate their intellect. Our students, after all, are not encouraged to ask questions.

When I was a young student, I recall falling my eyes on the Dalai Lama's autobiography My Land and My People kept on the altar by my parents along with other sacred idols of worship. In the book, I saw pictures of Mao and the Tibetan leader exchanging khatas as their faces glowed with smiles for each other.