Friday, September 30, 2011

Deception and Prejudice: China's claim on Dalai Lama's reincarnation

His Holiness the Dalai Lama recently made a lengthy statement on the issue of his reincarnation and had categorically clarified his stand on the future Dalai Lama. The objectivity of such statement is clear and timely as the matter was supposed to be discussed in the 11th Tibetan Religious Conclave held in Dharamsala. In the statement, His Holiness made a crystal clear declaration on the historical tradition of reincarnations in Tibetan Buddhism, that gives a clear understanding about the concept of Tulku recognition.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Martyrs were, are and will be born in Tibet

First of all, my apology for letting my pen rusted for months, as many things happened over the times that makes me run up and down since I reached Dharamsala, the political and spiritual abode of Tibetans in exile. Two months passed and yet, I am still not settled in Dharamsala, where I got transferred. I waited for the things to calm down to continue my writing, but unfortunately, something just keep popping up that took nearly all the monsoon months. Now, the monsoons nearly gone, prayers in home almost finished, new job pretty much on my feet, the time has finally approached to engage in writing. Time for procrastination shall not stretched further as it has loosen my blog into a deep siesta and decaying. Not a big deal!!

Another self-immolation, another martyr!

By Tenzin Nyinjey

There were red and crimson robed monks and nuns. There were lay Tibetans – both young and old. There were Americans, Australians and Germans. There were Japanese, including a young teenage girl whose entire family died in the recent flood that devastated her country.

There were members of Tibetan parliament, civil servants of the Central Tibetan Administration and activists from Tibetan Women’s Association. There were members of Tibetan Youth Congress in their trademark green and yellow striped sports jackets. And there were activists from the Students for Free Tibet.