Wednesday, December 1, 2010


An information published on a Chinese government website towards the end of September 2010 makes it obvious that the authorities in Beijing are encouraging their overseas agents to infiltrate the Tibetan communities abroad to undermine the unity and strength of the Tibetans. Attached here is the screen shot of the web page.

The document states that working within the Tibetans abroad is an important part of the government's struggle against the Dalai clique and therefore, it is important to strive hard to pull the hearts and minds of the Tibetans abroad towards the Motherland and undermine the very foundation of the Dalai clique. To fulfill this, the document suggests that it is imperative to adopt principles -- different strategies, exploit animosity or conflict within the community, and divide and fracture the community. The document highlights the following specific activities:

1) Special focus should be given on strengthening our contact with the 2nd and 3rd generation Tibetans who have been brought up abroad and bringing them closer to the Mainland;

2) Strengthening our contact with those individual Tibetans or groups who have conflict with the Dalai's administration, despite their ill feeling against us, and make an effort to turn them into our valuable tools;

3) Efforts should be made to strengthen contact with those Tibetans who left Tibet in the 1980s;

4) Support those Tibetans abroad who are close to the Motherland and who want to establish organizations and economic bases abroad and nurture bases to undermine the force of the Dalai clique;

5)Connect and woo to our side those who are working close to the Dalai and are moderate in their views;

6) Closely and timely monitor the activities of those who are ardent followers of the Dalai and maintaining die-hard splittist stand and try to exterminate them.

---end items--

The information given above was sent to me by one of my friend and I thought it is important to publish this for general view so that the readers will understand the Chinese government position on undermining the unity and strength of Tibetans in Diaspora.

For 60 years, Tibetans in exile under the benevolent leadership of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, has steadfastly and consistantly challenged the People's Republic of China. Even though, Tibetans living abroad are just a few thousands, it became a thorn and taboo in the Chinese global image. For years, China is rigorously threatening any other countries who making contacts with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Government in Exile and recently they became serious about it.

The above mentioned schemes and strategies are formulate and directed towards all the Chinese based institutions abroad to pursue, so to disrupt the Tibetan diasporic community. China, the rising power, who is almost on top of the world is leaning towards such ludicrous means against the meagre Tibetan people, who is standing for justice and truth. In this realist world, survival of nation, government and its institutions are given priorities, but taking a despicable steps fto undermine others is a shame. May truth prevail on earth!!

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