Monday, December 13, 2010

Are we Ready yet???

We are Tibetans, the unfortunate one who happen to lost its nation due to the ignorance and self centered attitude of elite class. But looking from the Buddhist point of view it can be said as a result of collective demerits of Tibetans. Whatever the cause may be we all suffered and common people suffer the worst even though they did not have a word say in framing of policies that made them to suffer. There are different school of thoughts and each one has different interpretation of how? what? who? and why Tibet lost its independence. Let the History speak of these..

In exile, Tibetan diaspora permeated like flowing rivers into different parts of India, Nepal & Bhutan to seek livelihood. The determination and perseverance of generation at that time though illiterate was able to keep the spirit alive and flowing. The sense of urgency was very much there. And it is that sense of urgency that pulls the energy of Tibetan diaspora into one common factor called "Restoration of Rangzen".

Generations passed, livelihood struggle settled, so called educated people started emerging, facilities improved, and i bet, given the strong foundation laid by our older generation, we are externally in a better position to deal with our cause. But the spirit is missing. We gain knowledge but deteriorates in spirit of oneness. Everyone seems to run after making their own & their family life materially rich. knowledge given to use for cause of Tibet is being put to quest for ones own benefit. Some though professed as Tibet activist seems to have hidden agenda for enriching themselves. They use Tibet as platform, a step over to another goals. And the society seems to condone them knowingly. Such is the height of deterioration.

Many debate on Middle Way approach and Rangzen advocates have shown us the sentiments of general population. Instead of discussing and coming to a more suitable common platform it often end up in you and me. Each one tries to win over the another. It looks more like a competition than discussion. Abusive words and getting personal is not a uncommon sight. Though claim to be dwelling in democratic system and speaks of imbibing the principles of it yet on practical we are far from it. We just can not let go off our ego, and that ego is much more among the educated class of our society. It is bit irony that more the learned person is more he/she seems to incline towards egoism.

We talk about Tibet Cause, debate between Rangzen & Middle Way Approaches, show strong criticism and even protest for any arrival of Chinese diplomat, but forget about the matters that slowly separate one Tibetan from another, endangering the very identity that we need for the long term fight for our cause. China on other hand is busy trying to vanish our identity by assimilating, language policies, giving incentives and etc.

Improvement in the material development should not take away the spirit and identity. In pursuit of material we tend to forget our cause and urgency it needs. Development can not supersede one's Identity and at present our cause. Instead one should use the material owned to preserved and fight for it..

I think we are not yet ready to fight for our cause.. ...

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