Thursday, May 6, 2010


Today, I read yet another column by a Chinese in China Tibet Information Center (CTIC), condemning His Holiness the Dalai Lama's remark of 'Son of India'. Last month, another article titled Dalai Lama insists on being 'son of India' was posted in the same website on April 07, 2010. Why CTIC repeatedly publish such distorted, illogical, and historical abusive articles? In their website, it mentioned that they are committed in publishing news and information about Tibet accurately. But can a Chinese government owned propaganda portal ever commit themselve of publishing accurate information. I bet it is purely understandable that CTIC will totally abide by the policy of CCP which will do anything to crush the forces challenging CCP. In that case, Since CCP criticized His Holiness the Dalai Lama as a Separatist and a Splittist, will CTIC ever be truthful to the core of issues published in their website. I believe that the objectivity of publishing such articles on a timely basis is to create confusion among the ignorant readers who are not aware of Tibet history.

Here are the links of articles written in the CTIC and a counterview by a Tibetan.

1) Dalai Lama insists on being 'son of India' April 07, 2010, CTIC

2) Analysing Chinese obsession over "son of India" February 2010,

3) Glimpse at Dalai's new defence for being son of India, May 05, 2010, CTIC

While reading a response from Dhondup, former colleague and a friend of mine, I think his note is sufficient enough to correct and clear the misunderstanding of the Chinese articles on this issue.

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