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Today, on March 10, Tibetans and Tibetan supporters all over the world commemorate the 51st Anniversary of Tibetan National Uprising Day with various campaigns and activities. Kashag stated that Tibetans are enduring hardships and the Tibetan spirituality, polity and race have suffered irreparable demages. Inside Tibet, many Tibetans, young and old, men and women, monks and nuns, educated and uneducated, rich and poor sacrificed their life for the cause of freedom. Many still are languishing in prisons bearing all inhuman treatments, torture and suffering. On this occasion, we pay tribute to all the martyrs who laid down their life for the Six million Tibetans. In the future too, there is no doubt that many Tibetans will give their bloods and soul for the cause of Tibet until freedom shines over Tibet.

To mark our homage to our Tibetan brothers and sisters in Tibet, I have compiled some quotations on Freedom by great leaders and personalities which are inspiring and gives encouragement to strive for the freedom of Tibet.

Freedom Quotations are as follows:

Abraham Lincoln
Freedom is the last, best hope of earth.

Abraham Lincoln Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.

Alan Keyes
Freedom is first of all a responsibility before the God from whom we come.

Albert Camus
Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better.

Albert Einstein
Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery
I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind.

Arthur Schopenhauer
He who does not enjoy solitude will not love freedom.

Benjamin Franklin
They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Dwight D. Eisenhower
History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.

Dwight D. Eisenhower
Only our individual faith in freedom can keep us free.

Freedom is the right to live as we wish.

Elbert Hubbard
Responsibility is the price of freedom.

Franklin D. Roosevelt
In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.

George Bernard Shaw
Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.

H. L. Mencken
We must be willing to pay a price for freedom.

Herbert Hoover Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity.

John F. Kennedy Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty.

John F. Kennedy The best road to progress is freedom's road.

Kahlil Gibran
Life without liberty is like a body without spirit.

Karl Marx Necessity is blind until it becomes conscious. Freedom is the consciousness of necessity.

Malcolm X You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.

Malcolm X If you're not ready to die for it, put the word 'freedom' out of your vocabulary.

Malcolm X Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it.

Malcolm X You don't have to be a man to fight for freedom. All you have to do is to be an intelligent human being.

Malcolm X Power in defense of freedom is greater than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.

Mahatma Gandhi Freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err.

Mahatma Gandhi Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life. What would a man not pay for living?

Nelson Mandela There is no such thing as part freedom.

Nelson Mandela For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.

Nelson Mandela There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires.

Nelson Mandela Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will.

Nelson Mandela Let freedom reign. The sun never set on so glorious a human achievement.

Nelson Mandela Only free men can negotiate; prisoners cannot enter into contracts. Your freedom and mine cannot be separated.

Patricia Sampson Self-reliance is the only road to true freedom, and being one's own person is its ultimate reward.

Pope John Paul II Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.

Rabindranath Tagore We gain freedom when we have paid the full price.

Robert Frost Freedom lies in being bold.

Ronald Reagan Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.

Stephen Covey
Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us.

Stephen Covey Every human has four endowments- self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom... The power to choose, to respond, to change.

Subhash Chandra Bose Freedom is not given, it is taken.

Subhash Chandra Bose Give me blood, and I shall give you freedom.

The XIVth Dalai Lama Human Beings, indeed all sentient beings, have the right to pursue happiness and live in peace and freedom.

Theodore Roosevelt Freedom from effort in the present merely means that there has been effort stored up in the past.

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